Painters Barcelona Showcase: Check out our gallery and get inspired for your next refurbishment

Painters Barcelona Showcase

We want you to be inspired by some of the work we did for other customers. Get in touch with us and we will create a quote for you.


Painters Barcelona Showcase Barcelon Alberto Cerdán

Alberto Cerdán hair stylist

Alberto Cerdán hairdresser. The business venue has approximately 90m2. The client requested that we carry out the work during a weekend, not to interfere with his work activity. The work was carried out in 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) and consisted of protecting all the hairdresser's furniture (tables, mirrors, armchairs, etc.) with plastics, painting the entire premises based on different gray scales and cleaning everything exhaustively. On Monday at 9am the hairdresser reopened its doors with a new “business face” that its customers loved.

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Sheds Barcelona Painters Duarry Difusión

Duarry Difusión shed

Duarry Difusión shed - The client contacted us because he was going to open a new industrial warehouse of more than 1000m2 and he needed to paint it in its entirety. The work consisted of installing scaffolding and painting the entire ship white. The work was done in 7 days.

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Children Room

Children rooms

Children's rooms wallpapers. In just a few hours we leave the room ready to welcome the baby.

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Home painting

Home painting

Painted living room in private home. The client wanted to innovate and change his white room for something more groundbreaking. Since the floor was very bright, we recommend painting it in the colour of the wine with the ceiling white. We also painted his wall bookcase white with our airless gun.

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