Services Painters Barcelona: We understand the importance for our customers in receiving the work delivered on time, in the fastest time possible, at the best price and with maximum quality.

Services Painters Barcelona

Work portfolio

Services Painters Barcelona


We paint your home entirely: rooms, kitchens, bathrooms.
Placing or removing layers, vinyls and many others. Glazed and lacquered based on roller or airless gun, cabinets, windows, etc..

Premises and Offices Barcelona Painters

Offices and business premises

We know that improving your work place whilst you work is hard, that`s why we adapt to your work schedule. We can work whilst your business is closed, both weekends and at night.

Industrial buildings and parking

Industrial buildings and parking

Sanitising and floor painting with epoxy or polyurethane paint.
Anti-slip and waterproofed floors.
We also paint signs, indicators and numbers.

Communities Facades Barcelona Painters

Communities and facades

We paint stairs, all type of common areas, such as entrances, patios, roofs, facades, basements, storage areas, elevator grills. We even paint scaffolding installation and vertical works.



We take advantage of the school holidays to prepare the return to school.
We use eco-friendly and hippo-allergic paintings.



We like challenges. Tell us about your needs and we will offer you the best service.
We answer any enquiries free of charge and without any compromise.

We use these types of painting for our work:

Plastic paint Painted paper Gotelé paint
Stucco paint Epoxi paint Tempera
Satin paint Lacquered paint Synthetic enamels

What we offer:

Facilidad Pintors Barcelona


Your work is our priority, get in touch and we will reply in less than 60 minutes. We will visit the venue you want to paint, we`ll give you feedback with options for you to chose from. Once you chose the one that suits the best your needs and budget, we`ll start. Get started here.

Quality Barcelona Paintersa

Guaranteed maximum quality

We deploy the best professionals and work with maximum quality materials for each and every one of our customers. Over 1000 happy clients can`t be wrong, we will personally make sure you will join the list of customers that will recommend us further. Get started here.

Experienced Barcelona Painters


We are a family business with over 25 years of experience. We improve ourselves every day, being up to date with the latest decoration technologies and painting, to be able to always guarantee maximum quality in the shortest time possible. Ask for your estimate budget quote here.